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Raised floor at Arcelor Mittal Plant Gent

Industrial rasied floor at arcelor mittal ghent – “sidgal 3 upgrade” Finished height of floor = 1.40 m - load of 15kn/m² - Modular elements (panels) 600 x 600, resting on a 3 layer structure in galvanised steel The modular elements are standard, or custom made, resistant, durable, easy to handle, simple and quick to install, inspected, certified and eco-friendly Rasied floor includes custom made base for installation of electrical panels ...

Sea Container inside

Drive cabinets in Container

Installation of siemens drive panels into sea worthy containers for a multi purpuse dredging ship Containers equipped and co-engineered by p&i bvba, including installation of raised access floors. Installation work includes positioning and seaworthy anchoring of panels, cabling and interconnecting panels, io tests, fat test and safe shipping to our customer ...


Frequency converter in Atex Exp Cabinet

Frequency converter placed in exp atex zone 1 cabinet Stainless steel housing with pressurized enclosure system f850s  Containing 2 x atv 600 5.5kw frequency converters, motor and control circuits as well as atex exi circuits Classification of cabinet : Atexii2(1)gexpx[ia]iict4gb Ta -20/+40°c Certif tps07atex619512x...