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Raised access floors

P&I / Raised access floors

Industrial floor is a flexible floor system designed for use in switchgear rooms, control

rooms, telecommunications centers, warehouses for roll packaging and rolling

transport systems, offices and equal.

Industrial floor is an especially robust and mechanically strong system: No matter what kind of heavy equipment is put on top of it, it will provide a high stability even if the floor tiles are removed during maintenance and other supplementary works. The 3-layer structure consists of outriggers, stability beams and tile beams. They are all manufactured from rectangular sendzimir tube profiles of 80x40x1.5mm.

The accessibility and installation of technical equipment is simplified due to the big

distances in between the pedestals and the large gaps between the primary stringers of the lower structure.

The system comprises a wide range of accessories. Service is quick and delivery times are short.

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calcium sulphate panel 34 mm_metallica
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double alufoil panels
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Stip Floor
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